Pancho Y Castel Ft. J Alvarez – Criminal (Prod. By Leo The Dokktor Y Santana TGB)

Pancho Y Castel Ft. J Alvarez – Criminal (Prod. By Leo The Dokktor Y Santana TGB)


NDP Ft. Jiggy Drama – Ella (Official Vídeo)

Blaster – Tus Mentiras (Colosal Music) | @YoSoyBlaster

Cover Tus Mentiras


Gabriel The Urban Revelation Ft. Baby Johnny – Party De Cantantes (Prod. By Paky Man Y Abner El Ingeniero)

 Gabriel The Urban Revelation Ft. Baby Johnny – Party De Cantantes (Prod. By Paky Man Y Abner El Ingeniero)

Clandestino & Yailemm – Electrocutao (Prod. by Dj Blass Y Rafi Mercenario)

Clandestino & Yailemm – Electrocutao (Prod. by Dj Blass Y Rafi Mercenario)

Zalem La Ciencia Ft. RKM – Fuerte Atraccion | @ZalemElFuturo

Fuerte Atraccion


Lil Silvio & El Vega – Que Tengo Que Hacer | @LilSilvioElVega



Reggaeton Dictionary

Reggaeton Dictionary – Urban terms often used on reggaeton songs translated to English in order to transcend cultures that like, dance, and sing this music movement but don’t understand Spanish or the terminology of this musical genre.



Abusador(a): For a male, someone that bullies or abuses others. For a female, a heartbreaker, a girl that abuses a guy’s “punishment.”

A Fuego: Really cool, when something is off the hook. Related words: A fueguembel, fuegoski, a fueguillo.

Acapella: Singing without any background music or beat.

Acicalao: Someone dressed very sharp. Looking good, dressed to impress. Related words: Filoteao’, acicalate, acicalao (a).

Aka:. AK 47

Al Callao: This is a word used when you want the crowd to go wild, like saying “everybody make some noise.”

Al Garete: when someone or something (like a party) goes wild or not afraid to do anything.

Alicate: A puppet, someone used to do one’s business, henchmen. Related words: alicaton, secuaces, marioneta.

Anormales: This is like saying “my crew”, “my gang” or when someone calls his/her group “the best ones” or “the sick ones.” This is usually used by Hector when he gathers a compilation of singers in a cd.

Arrebatao: Euphoric, at the peak of the euphoria under the influence of drugs. Related words: arrebatate, arrebato, arrebatando.


Babilla: Having the courage to do or say something, in other words “having balls” or “cojones”.

Backeo: Slang for the word “back up”. Someone who backs you up when you are having problems in the streets. Similar to “Homie”

Bananas: another way of saying “cool, nice.”

Bellaco(a): Someone horny, with a great sexual desire. Related words: Bellaqueo, bellaquear, bellaqueando, bellaquera.

Bicha: a girl that is full of it, or believes she’s above everybody else. Mostly said to girls of high society.

Bicho: male sexual organ.

Bichote(a): the guy in charge of a group, a head honcho or a pimp. Leader or Head of a drug organization for a certain area.

Blin Blin: “Bling” or Jewelry.

Blinblineo: Showing off the bling. Showing flashy, excessive jewelry. Derivated from the Bling word.

Boconear: to snitch, dime or rat someone out. Talking too much.

Buduska: an overweight female.

Bugarron: the “male” figure in a homosexual couple. Like saying “Faggot” to someone.

Burlish: made fun of, when someone is made a fool of or is taken

Boster (‘Bostel’): A boss of an organization. Someone that can provide back-up. Bostel can also be used to call pitbull dogs. Nickname for Angelo Millones – Producer and Puerto Rico’s Drug Lord.


Cabezear: To give oral sex. Related words: Cabezeo, capotear,

Camón: Someone that has been sexually active for a long.

Candela: fire or flame, heat, passion.

Cangri: a cool cat. Someone dress nice, looking good. Being the best at his/her game. Clean cut.

Caseria: the hunt. It could mean a hunt for a partner but mostly it is used to describe a hunt for blood, to kill. Used mostly in tiradera.

Caserio: The hood, the barrio, the projects.

Chambonear: To dance reggaeton. In a car, to hit the throttle. In a fight, to cock the guns or rifles and get them ready to shoot.

Charro: Someone that’s ridiculous, a dumb person. Related word: Pera.

Choca: when something bothers your thoughts and makes you think.

Chocha: female sex organ.

Clavar: to have sex with someone. Related words: (te) clave, clavo;

Cocolo(a): an african american. Used to describe a dark skinned

person. People that enjoy listening to “Salsa” music.

Cónsul: a good, close, or very tight friend. Similar to: Socio, pana, bro, etc.

Corbeja: a prostitute. Related words: Parga, Sata, Ingra, Geisha, Cuero, Cuerua’.

Corillo: a group of friends, a gang that’s always together, someone’s “Crew.”


Dembow: a rhythm used to describe reggaeton’s beat. The original reggaeton beat or percussion.


Fantasmear: to be stalking, following, or haunting. Related words: Fantasmeo, Merodeo, merodear.

Feca(s): lie(s), a false argument, instigation. Related words: fequero(a), cuento, cuentero.

Flow: style, rythm, lyrics; A continuation of these mentioned words.

Frontear: a word derived from “frontin’.” This means talking too much, talking smack, as if you can back it up.

Fuetazo: A hit made to a horse with a whip. This is used to describe a “spank” or to “punish” a girl. Related words: Fuete, Azote, Latigo,

Full(s): the automatic rifles, auto-fire weapons, A-Ks.


Gangster: a mobster. A bad-ass.

Gatillero: a killer, someone that can pull the trigger for money.

Gato(a): a guy or girl, like calling someone “a cat.”

Girlas (‘Guirlas’): the girls. Related words: yal, gal, gatitas.


Also a lie, or someone that talks lies and too much.

Guayar: Grindin’. To dance really closely. Related words: Guayando, rozando, raspando.

Guillaera: attitude, to think highly of oneself. Related words: Guillar.

Guillao(a): Someone that believes he/she is something they are not. Someone full of it. Someone showing off!


Hanguear: to hang out.


Inyectando: Instigating, provoking others.

Ir a to’a: doing something at any cost.


Jibaro: Someone indigenous to rural parts or with native tribes’ blood. From either the mountains or the countryside of a place. This is also used to describe a person that’s new to something.


Liga: league, as in comparison. Related words: talla, competencia,


Masacote: I got what you need. Take that!.

Medio Posillo: Short amount of lyrics, not using all my talent on you, just a bit.

Melones / limones: (females) large chest/ small chest, using fruits to compare bosom size.

Metal: hand guns, pistols. Related word: (la) corta.


Nebuloso: Something weird or strange. Scheming something that does not seem clear. Related words: Nebulear, nebuleando.


Pasto: the herb, marihuana, weed.

Patrulleo: keeping an eye out, watching out, on the lookout. Related Words: Velar, wachar, patrulleando.

Pegado: to be widely famous, to be heard everywhere. Related words: Rankeao’.

El Perro: AIDS.

Perrear: a way to describe how reggaeton is danced. The word means to “do it like a dog” or “doggystyle” Dancing closely, grindin’.

Perreo: dancing reggaeton. Related words: Perreando, guayar, guayoteo, sobeteo.

Pichaera: to ignore someone, to turn away from someone.

Plasta: in other words, a “pile of $h1+.” A singer that is no good.

Popos: Cops.


Rankea’o(a): to be famous and to be on top of everybody.

Rebuleo: a fight, confusion, or a commotion. Related words: Rebulu, rebulear, rebuleando.

Relajando: Messing around, playing around, and goofing off.

Roncar: to talk big, to talk highly and brag about oneself to other people and front. Related words: Roncadera (ronca’era), roncando, roncador(a).


Sandunga: the music, the rhythm, the party. Related words: Sandungueo, sandunguear, sandunguero(a)

Socio: a friend, a connection. It could be used sarcastically to

Suelto(a): a male or female who is “easy” or loose.


Tiradera: Lyrical attack or war. It is used to gain fame or impose Respect. Related words: Tiraera.

Tirar: To diss, embarrass or offend someone.

Tirarse: Depending on how it is said, it could mean to fall in love, or to get in deep with someone. Or it could be used for a conflict. I.E. “Estos locos no saben mas que tirarse…”

Trambo: a trick, to trick or fool someone. Related words: trambuqueo, truqueo, truquear.

Tripear: to trip as in “tripping”, to act foolish or say things that are not.

Sin Jockey: single; without a boyfriend/alone without a male escort.


Yal(es): a term referring to women. Gal.

 Fuente: David Tamayo

Se filtran, supuestamente, más de 100.000 fotos privadas de Snapchat


Pareciera que en los últimos días está de moda filtrar fotos. Después del Celebgate, ahora son fotografías de de usuarios del servicio Snapchat las que han aparecido en los foros de 4chan hace unas horas. A la filtración ya se bautizo como “The Snappening”.El servicio Snapchat había sufrido algunos problemas de seguridad hace algunos meses, sin embargo, esta filtración de fotos se ha dado gracias a servicios de terceros que muchos usuarios utilizaban. Como dato, se dice que al menos unas 100 000 fotos han sido las filtradas, muchas de ellas incluyendo desnudos.

Snapchat no es el responsable, sino dos servicios de terceros

Por ahora no queda claro qué servicio es el responsable de esta filtración, aunque un informe apunta directamente a la hoy desaparecida página, y a la aplicación Snapsave; ambas permitían a los usuarios de Snapchat almacenar las fotos que les compartían.

Este servicio podría ser uno de los responsables de la filtración.

Como era de espera la gente de Snapchat ya ha salido a dar una declaración en la que afirman que sus servidores no se han visto comprometidos en ningún momento, y que los usuariosque han sido víctimas lo fueron por el uso de aplicaciones de terceros, algo que ellos prohiben claramente en sus Terminos de Uso.

Si bien la filtración podría no afectar a todas las personas, como hemos dicho, muchas de las fotos son de desnudos, y más en específico de adolescentes -ya que aproximadamente la mitad de usuarios de Snapchat son chicos de entre 13 y 17 años-, es por ello que desde 4chan apuntan a que se trata de pornografía infantil.

Desgraciadamente, el servicio Snapchat será el más afectado por tal filtración -aún cuando ellos no sean los responsables- ya que no es la primera vez que está inmiscuido en un problema de seguridad. Por otro lado, para las víctimas, ya lo ha dejado claro mi compañero Javier Pastor: Si tu foto desnuda salta a Internet, olvídate, nada podrá detenerla.

En Genbeta | Las diez grandes filtraciones en la historia de internet

Farruko Ft. D.OZi – Menor (Preview) (Los Menores)